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Rajala Taide

Macrame feather earrings

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Big, soft and super light earrings for lovers of bohemian style!

The height of the earrings is approx. 8 cm. The macrame part is made from Finnish yarn with 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. The hooks are nickel-free jewelery brass.

Care instructions:

Earrings should be stored in a place where the fringes stay as straight as possible. If the fringes get bent, make the the earrings into a better shape by first wetting the fringes with a little water. Comb the fringes with a fine-toothed comb. For example, a clean lice comb works well. Be careful not to hit the knots with the comb. If necessary, cut off the fluff that comes off the thread from the tip and spray a little odorless hairspray to keep the fringes in shape better. Clean the parts that go through the ears with a disinfectant before use.

The earrings are delivered as a letter to a letterbox or mailbox.