I'm Jenni, a young artist, wife and mom living in a small town Sipoo in southern Finland.

Art has always been an important part of me. Already as a small child, I used dozens of pieces of paper a day for drawing. Throughout my life, I have been into countless things for the urge to create, such as drawing, painting, writing stories, knitting, knotting and decorating cakes. Making art for living is something I may have been secretly dreaming of until I found the courage to found my own business a little after the birth of my second child.

Rajala is a surname I received through my marriage while Taide is a beautiful Finnish word meaning 'art'. The root of my surname 'raja' means 'boundary', 'edge' or 'limit' which have been significant themes in my life. In my art I am researching what is valuable, and setting boundaries is vital to that. I'm interested in limits in a sense of how people change, how one's life and heart can change - what kind of limits are crossed or broken? My inspiration is found in growth, enduring trials, achieving freedom and surrendering to God's grace. My art is not always light-hearted but it always brings a message of comfort and hope. Sometimes I paint like a child, just for the joy of playing with colors, without thinking about the depths of life.

You can contact me by sending a message on Instagram or through the Contact section of my website.